FA Magazine May 2023 | Page 16


CFP Board Launches An Endowed Scholarship For Women

The CFP Board ’ s Center for Financial Planning in Washington , D . C ., has launched an endowed scholarship program for women aspiring to become CFPs .
The center launched its Women ’ s Initiative in 1993 . In recognition of the program ’ s 10th anniversary , the center has announced the WIN Endowed Scholarship program to fund the education of a new generation of women aspiring to become CFP-certified .
The program will award up to $ 5,000 to each qualified applicant seeking to complete an undergraduate-level or certificate-level CFP
Board-registered program . Upon completing the required education coursework , scholarship recipients will be eligible to take the CFP exam and pursue the next steps to attain certification .
The center is raising $ 250,000 for the WIN Endowed Scholarship program before issuing awards . Individuals and firms interested in supporting the endowed scholarship should contact Institutional Giving Officer Dan Limbago via email at dlimbago @ cfpboard . org or by phone at ( 202 ) 864-5250 . Further information about the WIN Endowed Scholarship is available at CFP . net / Scholarships .
Elements Adds Money-Back Guarantee To Business Development Tool
Elements , a Salt Lake City-based maker of business development financial software for advisors , is now offering a money-back guarantee .
The Elements Growth Method is a 90- day program designed to convert prospective clients into paying ones . It consists of one-on-one training with a member of the Elements team and weekly cohort-based training with other growth-minded advisors , who learn how to use the Elements Scorecard as an assessment tool .
Elements also created an intuitive mobile app for the solution that enables clients to easily input their financial data , which lays the groundwork for financial advisors to engage them in more targeted conversations .
Under the company ’ s new money-back guarantee , advisors who fail to add at least one new client within 90 days of implementing the Elements Growth Method will be entitled to a refund .
For more information about Elements or to book a demo , visit the Elements website at www . getelements . com .
RetireOne Adds Corebridge Fixed-Index Annuities To Platform
RetireOne , an insurance solution platform headquartered in San Francisco , has signed a deal to offer two fixed-index annuities to its platform that will be managed by Houston-based Corebridge Financial , formerly AIG Life & Retirement .
Both annuities offer income benefits . The Power Index Advisory annuity offers growth opportunities while protecting the annuity holder ’ s principal investment during unstable markets . It has two lifetime income options .
The Assured Edge Advisory product provides a road map to a client ’ s potential income , while also offering the flexibility to change along with an individual ’ s personal circumstances . Future income increases every year until the lifetime income benefit starts .
Visit RetireOne . com for further information .
AdvisorCheck Debuts Online Database Of FAs
AdvisorCheck . com , headquartered in Englewood Cliffs , N . J ., has launched an online database containing public profiles of 1,286,985 financial advisors for consumer use .
Investors , consumers , and financial advisors alike will be able to use the site to research an advisor ’ s biography , their completion of exams , licenses , credentials , years of experience , detailed work history , disclosures and other essential information . Additional data points may be added in the future , such as verified investor reviews of financial advisors .
The platform also offers members access to its comparison tool , which streamlines the process of selecting a financial advisor . It compares up to three advisors at a time through line-by-line comparisons such as languages spoken , services offered , and fees and costs .
A complimentary AdvisorCheck membership can be created at AdvisorCheck . com / signup . For a fee , the company also offers AdvisorCheck +, which displays any issues such as advisor arrests , bankruptcies or sex offender records , among other things .
For more information please visit : https :// www . advisorcheck . com . Financial advisors can claim their profile by emailing advisorsupport @ advisorcheck . com .
Insure . com Posts Marijuana User ’ s Guide To Life Insurance
Insure . com , an online insurance marketplace headquartered in Foster City , Calif ., has released an online guide for marijuana users looking to buy life insurance .
Although a majority of states nationwide have legalized either medical marijuana or its recreational use , Insure . com says that because it is still illegal under federal law , many life insurance companies ( though not all ) still rate its use as high risk . To level the playing field , Insure . com has published this life insurance guide so users can find the most affordable plan for their needs .
The guide describes the conditions that may impact life insurance rates , even if an insurance company is open to offering more competitive pricing . Just like tobacco use , the amount , frequency , and method of marijuana use can affect insurance rates , as can any underlying medical reason for taking it .