FA Magazine May 2023 | Page 49


Autumn K . Campbell

Lead Planner / Facet / Tulsa , Okla .

Autumn K . Campbell is like many younger advisors : She didn ’ t originally have a financial services career in mind . In fact , not too long ago she was working as a teacher and high school counselor when she and her fiancé hired a CFP to help sort out their finances . That got her thinking .

“ I ended up going to night school to become a CFP with no intention of going into the industry ,” Campbell says .
She later joined Facet ( formerly Facet Wealth ) in 2020 , eventually becoming a lead planner responsible for approximately 200 client relationships .
“ I have a psychology background , and I ’ ve found that to be very helpful , as well as the teaching aspect of my background . … You don ’ t get anything done if people don ’ t trust you and believe what you ’ re telling them , and that it is worthwhile . So people have to come first , and the finances come second .”
That ’ s true even in a technology-enabled firm like Facet , and with over 100 certified financial planners serving large numbers of clients at low cost with no asset minimums .
Facet was a good fit because it allowed her the flexibility to live her life and enjoy her family . She sometimes works in the evenings , and Facet operates mostly virtually .
She sees many other young advisors “ really carving out a worklife balance , finding autonomy and creating harmony between their lifestyle and their client relationships in a way that makes sense , customizing their personal experience and the client experience in just the way they want to .”
The firm also allows her to work with a very diverse client base , including people at all income levels , says Campbell , who is from a low-income background and has taught in low-income schools .
“ I have a particular affinity for people who are trying to make the right choices for their families and who have questions that the CFP doesn ’ t even really prepare you for , choices that come before wealth accumulation and preservation ,” she says . “ We ’ re talking about really connecting the dots and finding ways to make it all make sense with finances — if we crack that code , that ’ s when we can start talking about wealth in families .”

Colton Etherton

Founder / Out of the Office Planning / Portland , Ore .

Colton Etherton likes to say he got into finance against his will .

He once trained dogs in his hometown of Phoenix before moving to Portland with his new bride in 2013 . She found a job at a local bank and told him that he should apply for a job there , but he resisted because he thought “ it would be extremely boring .”
He eventually took a job as a teller . “ And here I am a decade later still in finance ,” he says . He did stints at Merrill Lynch , Charles Schwab and Johnstone Financial Advisors . Then he launched his firm , Out of the Office Planning , in January 2021 . He initially had hopes of serving millennials , but that focus turned out to be too general , and it was a struggle attracting clients .
A meeting with a prospective client who happened to be a tattoo artist sparked an idea : a niche practice focused on these artists . He was drawn to the fact that they are self-employed and no advisor focuses on them . Some artists charge $ 200 an hour , and sometimes get $ 700 for a half day and up to $ 1,200 for a full day ( plus a tip ).
He sat on the idea at first . He was the primary earner , and his wife warned him against starting from scratch with such a “ weird niche .” But a phone call with an XY Planning Network colleague helped seal his decision . He redid his website and began a social media push in October 2021 . He now bills himself as “ The Tattoo Artist Advisor ,” and finds most of his clients on Instagram , where he does the bulk of his marketing , as well as tattoo conventions , webinars and financial education workshops .
He has 10 ongoing clients plus he does one-on-one financial plans for a few others . Clients pay a flat fee , making monthly payments , though he recently added hourly rates .
When he started he had only two tattoos ( pictures of his grandfather and uncle ). Since starting his firm , he has since gotten two more on his right arm and he ’ s getting a full sleeve on the left . And there ’ s more to come .